The little voice

Your father sent you to good schools,because he wanted the best for you start from the beginning.
Your father sent you to tuition centre because he knew you could done better with it as you're really in love with your bed.
Your father sent you to matriculation so that you got to meet nice people and got to know Daya*g Tamb**an ;p .
Your father wanted you to be a pharmacist because he really loves to go to pharmacy to check out the latest medicine/medication.
So,if you can't be one,what should you do?

Get married with a handsome pharmacist.

Write a thanks letter to your father;
"Don't worry,dad.If i can't be a pharmacist,i'll find a pharmacist-son-in-law for you.Happy Father's Day!"

Then,wait for a while,wait for your mum's reaction...

-Kamu ni ngeleyor bebonor.Masuk dapur pun penyegan.
-Tak mak..
-Perancangan masa depan mak..

My father,my sugardaddy,my first boyfriend,my hero.


Farah Adilah said...

Want me to find him?? *kening2

daly said...

Why not?? *blushing2

Zuliyana Arshad(the lost girl) said...

arhahrr...dah mkin gataii...huahua

daly said...


Hana Anuar said...

Hahahahahaa.. Kreatif dan klaka.. xD

QeylaZack ! said...

hahaha ! pon bolehhhhhh :)