Life is complicated sometimes.Whether we realised it or not,the year is coming to its half already.I'm getting older.And I must make sure that I'm getting wiser.Not only for me.But for the people around me.

We do not love everyone=Not everyone loves us.

The words are almost similar to each other.So does the meaning.
As a human,yes,we do have feelings.We hate that.We love this.I don't like you.You like me.She loves that.You hate her.Complicated much?
The word complicated.Wise enough to use this word for your life?Life is never unfair.
Everyone have feelings.
Have you ever wondered,does everyone around you are pleased with you?Your attitude,your words,your expression?
I wondered.
What are they for in our life?Have you ever wondered that?
I cried when my best friend moved to other school when I was 16.
I felt left out when my friends won't share their problems with me.
My friend was mad when her best friend left her for her(the latter) boyfriend.
My friend felt bad when her roommate talked without noticing she is making her down.
My timeline on facebook showed few of my friends post about their friend who just left them.
No more laugh.No more story moments.No more talking about cute guys.No more supper together with the books open.No more 'we are young,we run free,stay up late,got our friends,got the night,we alright'.
Seems like everything is not alright.
Think again.
My best friend moved to other school because there was only 3 science classes in my school.And when she moved,she managed to get herself into science stream and now in one of the local universities.
Not all problems are meant to be shared.Some of them are just secrets that can't be told to the others.
"Friends are forever until one of you are in a relationship." Familiar with this?Think again.Everyone will or maybe is in a relationship.No one escaped.Assume it as a practice.
Nobody's perfect.Understand yourself in order to better understand others.Sit back.Talk nicely.Smile again.
Friends left.Don't stop smiling.They wait for you in Jannah :)

I once said that I hate my netball classes for this hectic semester.
But hey,the picture worth a thousand words!


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Farah Adilah said...

there. you seems a lot more wiser now and yeah I'm happy and lil bit jealous with you. :D stay happy

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Abu Umar Muhammad Syafiq said...

such a wise post.

daly said...

thank you.