A fairy tale love story between Adam and Farah

It was Farah's birthday.Adam decided to make the day super duper special.So,he made up his mind to propose Farah.Adam bought a bouquet of flowers.No.Actually Adam planted the flowers behind his house since the day he met Farah.The bright and beautiful day.

Adam at his garden.

On that special day,Adam cancelled all his meetings with his clients including the press conference regarding his new album entitled ; "FOC;The beautiful sunshine".

Adam spent most of his time for his garden because he wanted the best for Farah.He chosed the best flowers of all to make the bouquet.People around the world kept wondering who is Farah,the girl who has turned Adam into a green fingers person and more romantic songwriter referring to one of his songs in the new album with the lyrics;

The owl witnessed it
the skies were moving
they showed the love sign
we fell in love
even the owls can't throw their faeces in my garden
the flowers are all yours
and my heart is yours forever.

*Farah caught in public.


After that sweetie pie pumpkin watermelon moment,Adam brought Farah to the house he bought for their future.

There's a catfish pond too!

Out of the blue,Farah disappeared!

Adam looked everywhere to find Farah.

Farah dumped Adam.No.Actually Farah fell into the catfish pond.

The end.

*Farah and her bridesmaids.
Their identities can't be revealed for the sake of government safety.

Their wedding poster.

NO!Wait a second!The story should has the ending this way..

Farah opened her eyes and looked around..She's wet.Then she sighed,"It's all only a dream..?". She looked at the person standing beside her bed.Her sister was holding a pile with the eh-english-saya-dah-rusting-saya-lupa-perkataan-dalam-english-yang-sama-makna-dengan-muka-orang-pegang-baldi-lepas-siram-adik-dia-ngigau face. According to her sister,Farah was smiling,talking,walking and running around their house in her sleep,holding a vase of flowers.


Welcome to the club.We're 19th!High five!Go outside.Look up to the skies.Beautiful and bright. It's getting darker.Go inside.Listen to your mp3.Put it into shuffle mode.No.Put it into relax mode.Is there any?Mine has it.Decrease the volume.Your ears might be injured.Listen carefully.The rain has stopped.Go outside.Smell the grass.Feel it.It's wet.Look upwards.Look at the skies.Look!There's a rainbow.You can never have beautiful rainbow without rain.You can't have happiness without pain.Smile everyday.Every morning.Every night.Everytime you meet "rain" too.Write a note.A dream note.Big dream is a must.Buy a balloon.A yellow one.Put it inside.Let it fly away.May all your dreams come true.If not,always remember He is planning something better for you.More time for your Green.Your teacher's hypothesis;No secrets telling with bestfriends.They might tell them to their bestfriends.How rumours are spread of.But do tell me when you've found your Prince Charming!And i'm missing the morning jog with all the species talks with you!

Best regards,

Allah always with us :)

We save the best for the last;

Farah and her prettiest bridesmaid!

-Kenapa Farah suka owl?
-Sebab...he...he...he....he..(sila gelak macam Farah sekiranya anda mengenalinya)

Farah,you can say your favourite word now.It's your birthday anyway.

It's owl city day!So we tune in our ears with Plain White T's.Hehe

Reminder;Jangan ambil gambar bersama ajnabi!


Implikasi sinetron overdose.


Farah Adilah said...

Dal!!! if Qeyla done a good job in making me cry, you also had done a good job in making me laugh. I can see hard work here. Thank you :)

Afina said...

superimpose picture. LOL. A good reminder. simpan baik dalam hati. well done. :)

NuMeeQah said...

hahaha pndai ko wat...teror nye..cmna tuh?

daly said...

farah;tiba2 ada stu folder penuh gmbr adam.macam i peminat adam pulak.haha

afina;haha.simpan dlam hati ye.

numeeqah;thanks to sains informatik.berguna jugak bile xde bende bergune lain nak buat.hahaha

syafiq sarkawi. said...

LOL. lawak lah post ni! haha
farah mesti tersipu-sipu malu :P

daly said...

syafiq;deyh..dah merah dah muke dia.haha

cik paahpooh said...

hahahaha mesti fara copy kan gambar2 tu semua..hahhaa wedding poster tu..

daly said...

Paahpooh;haha.kan..kiut kan diorang.wedding poster..awk kalau nak kahwin bolehla tempah dgn saya.haha

QeylaZack ! said...

DALLLL !!! congratulations ! for me, this is such a amazing post :) creative.thumbs up for you :)
p/s;rndu nak blaja kat depan kipas kaw haha ;D

daly said...

Qeyla;ohhhhoo thanks! :) kalau lah betul2 jadi kat kmm macam ni,famous amos kita.haha.kipas je?ok la...saya pun rindu nak awak datang belajar bilik saya pastu amik meja kecik aiman dan cukup time kita turn cafe beli carrot susu!haha ;p