Sayangku jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku...
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu..

Well hello everyone..

Woooyooo ada style AnuarHadi tak?

Wooyooo I got nothing to blog actually.I got nothing to tell you guys actually.I got nothing.Nothing.

And my semester holiday seems to have nothing going on other than that thing that's going to happen on February.I've been looking at the novels that I've bought long time before my final exam.Been looking.Looking.And still looking..

And don't even know when will I finish all that.Where should I go during this holiday?With low-budget of course.

About the RM200 voucher,nahh..I won't spend it with sem 2 books of course.A number of novels have been in my mind since the news about the voucher came out.I don't feel sad or annoyed or going to comment about it.I just can't wait to go to the bookstore and buy as many novels as I can worth RM200.Maybe one cooking book is enough for my mum.

And what else...

Yes about instagram.No,I don't want to talk about it.

Oh this is Model.My protege in Londang.She's kinda hot.

And I've changed my number.PM me please.

I really want to join that trip :'(

Eh,kita boleh pergi backpacking around Australia lawat Alissa.Just like in Contengan Jalanan,Farah.Hehe


cik paahpooh said...

ayat yg tu jiwang kotttt
waaaa geli geli gelii

daly said...

haha.pergi nyanyi untuk ur kekasih hati.haha

Farah Adilah said...

no. prob. check air asia cari tiket murah.

daly said...

economy class
from rm199

Figuretive said...

Hey. Awak. In future, this july, maybe, insyaAllah, i will be going to Sydney. Pray for the best. =)

daly said...

Like seriouslyyyyyyy!!!!aaaaaa