20? It's not a big deal.I'm just getting hotter.

LOL. It's a big deal actually.I'm getting older.And I'm supposed to be older in a way I behave too.

Sometimes,that is the hardest thing to do.

To behave like you don't need others help.To behave like you can do the experiment by yourself.To behave that you're sad when the next class is cancelled,told by your lecturer.To behave like you don't need someone to accompany you to go to the toilet by yourself almost 3am in the morning.To behave that you're okay for not going home to see your parents in the weekend.To behave that you're okay failing one of the tests and saying "This is life.".To behave like you're brave enough to be alone in the bus.To behave that you're okay to be left alone.

To be frank,yes,I'm ready.

20 years of breathing.Alhamdulillah.Experience gained.Pain gained.Lesson learned.Walking and falling.Running and crying.Jumping and laughing.Studying and dying.LOL.That's too much.After all this,I'm alive.Happily smiling while typing this.LOL.That's too much too.My assignment is still there.Maths test is coming.My revision is stopped since days ago.My back is pain.I just got back from playing bola beracun,bola baling selipar,bola baling(tengok je),futsal.Wey,for the first time playing futsal.Not bad..not bad.Set the date,time and place.Just tell me.

I can't seem to remember when was the last time I celebrated my birthday with a cake.A cake specially for me.But this time,

I got a cake from my friends! Sweet 20 lagi. :')
They even sang a birthday song for me in the lecture hall.That was the sweetest moment I've ever had in my life here.Thank you thank you thank you and I love you I love you I love you.

And the first two persons who wished me were Erynn Manaf and Ika :) And I saw this note next to my bed.

This is from Erynn Manaf,my current roommate and forever sisters.
REPLY:Thank you Angah.Thanks for being such a hottie roommate.LOLOLOLOL.Hope we,together,graduated with honours in this course.Forget whatever people say about this course.Forget whatever seniors said about how hard this course is.Forget.We learn.We fall.We stand together.
And about the last thing,ehem,I'm 20th and I'll be getting hotter Angah.HAHA.Just kidding.Just wait for the time to come.Insya-Allah,we'll meet the best man for each of us.And this will be the first and the last I call you Angah :)

And this is from Ika ! On my favourite mirror with the favourite sink in the toilet!Thanks Ika.Really appreciate it.I was so amazed by this.You've made my night.Ika,I know you can do it.It's really nice to have a friend like you.Very manja and funny sometimes.Panic all the time.HAHA.I love you Ika.

Oh Farah,I remember you.I remember your call.I remember your voice.Thank you Miss Owl City.I always miss you like I miss the rest of our wingmates.I miss you lil bit more when I see books :').I miss you even more when I see beautiful scenery :').

And Farhah, I love you cousin(jozan version please).HAHA.

And for those who wished me through sms,twitter,facebook etc,thank you thank you thank you.May Allah bless you and I love you.

And this place is fascinating.

Family will always be my first priority.Through ups and downs,they are always with me.Abah,Mak,Abang and Along,I always wanted to be the best for you.Abah will always be my hero.Mak will always be my first love.Abang will always be my first boyfriend.Along will always be my babysitter.My guardian angels.

And dear Angah,
I'm 20th.I'm in university.I'm doing engineering and I'm proud and falling in love with it..I wish you're one of them who brought my luggage to my hostel room.I wish you're one of them who picked me up every weekend.I wish you're one of the persons I could call everyday to talk about everything happens here.Abang is getting married and I wish you were here.I know you can't read this but perhaps one day you can.I miss you.I love you.And I still can't wrap my books with the plastic cover.

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