Quiet rainy day.

Sitting on a bench.
Forgot something.Stood back and got it.
Looking outside.Shops closed.
A man walking.
With flowers in his hand. Heading to... Nobody knows.
Flowers for mother. Flowers for sister. Flowers for a proposal. Flowers for someone on a hospital bed.
Nobody knows.
It's 10.05pm.
A man sitting in front. With a cup of tea. There's no tea bag.
People were just too tired perhaps. Or just clumsy?
The woman beside. Wearing checkered blouse.
Mirror. Same. Checkered blouse.
It's 10.10pm already.

Leaving the bench. Was it a bench? Literally. Can find it in almost every fast food restaurant.
Wait. What was she doing there? She was supposed to be at home and study.

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Farah Adilah said...

THIS!inspired me. tunggu okey.