orang yang tak penting

People. Those people that we can't get along with but have to just because it is fate.
And the time has come to realize that we live to impress people. Nay?

Let's start anew. Don't live to impress those people.

Because those people live to impress people so that whatever they say, is a 'yay!' for everyone.

Impressive work. Impressive job. Impressive child.
Impressive..impressive everywhere.
Please. Start to learn the word "REJECTED".
Because sooner or later, you're going to hear it, those people.

Yes. This is to those people.
That should not be mention here, anywhere, everywhere.
Because things will be getting more complicated if it is done.

Those people, hello!
Chin up, the world does not revolves around you only.

I am here to say this.
Still,not in front of those people.
Pathetic or what?


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