You are leaving.

Brothers and sisters,
Before you leave,look behind.
Look at those faces. Faces you love.
Or maybe faces who love you.
Brothers and sisters,
What have you done? Have you made they laugh enough? Have you made they cried?
Brothers and sisters,
Where are you going? Are you sure what you are doing?
Those faces are smiling.
Smiles would not enough to show their deepest feelings.
Brothers and sisters,
Did you remember all your tears that they tried to wipe off?
Have you paid back their hugs and kisses?
Brothers and sisters,
Remember the softness of their hands,patting at your back,to say they will always be with you,ups and downs?
Brothers and sisters,
Have you tried to feed them with your own bare hands?
Have you  said those three words to them?
Brothers and sisters,
After you leave,everything will change.
You and them.
Different. Different. Different.
Brothers and sisters,
Before you leave,make them laugh.
Before you leave,make them smile.
Before you leave,try hard to make their eyes free from tears.
Before you leave,say those three words to them.
I love you.

Some people need to hear those mainstream words because they are not good in interpreting actions.

I did it! I've just used that 'mainstream' word!Clap clap!