Secret that can never be told.

"Ajal maut jodoh pertemuan rahsia Allah. "

Because of that, we tend to hurt people. We tend to hurt people feelings. We tend to forget their kindness. We tend to forget the smiles they made for us. We tend to procrastinate. We tend to waste so much time. We tend to wait for another day. We tend to wait for so long. We tend to talk so much. We tend to forget silent is the best way when talking invites bad things.

Being the third party is sometimes the best part as one party would look at the third party like an angel. Being the third party is sometimes the risky part. Another party might be looking the third party like a devil. The fragile role. The one people hated the most. Yet,some of us had become one of that.

Hurting people and forget that the person could leave us tomorrow. Hurting people and forget it could be our last meeting. Forgetting the smiles as we tend to make our cries our main priority.

Raising our ego just to feel satisfied. Just to look as a winner. Just to hurt other people. Hurting. Keep doing and repeating that without sorry.

Keep waiting. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for our satisfaction. Waiting for so long. Waiting changed into an ending.


We forgot we might be spending our whole life with the person we just met. We don't know the exact time they would leave. We don't know the exact time we would leave. We forgot we would leave. Because the time is a secret that nobody knows.

Stop hurting.
Stop wasting time.
Stop procrastinating.
Stop being the third party.
Stop being egomaniac.
Start being a human.
A human full of love.

Semester 3,i'll be missing you. You have taught me a lot. Thank you for the inspiring and beautiful people.

Till then. See you next year.

Ada hati yang perlu dijaga. Hati sendiri pun nak dijaga.

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